Monday, February 26, 2007

Turn to God, others, and self

During Lent we might want to reflect on Teshuva (Hebrew for repentance, from shuvah, “to turn”). Each of us is given the chance, again and again to turn toward God and Lent is a good time to look at our lives and make decisions about how we might once again turn toward God, toward self and turn toward others. We can take some time for reflection and thought about each of these elements and how we might turn. “How will I turn toward myself during Lent?” I wouldn't normally think about that question. “How will I turn toward others?” “Who are the others and how can I turn toward them?” In thinking about the “other”, we think of people who may irritate us, or a boss or co-worker who is difficult to get along with. What can we do to turn toward them?

"We should have only one ambition: that people see that we, despite our limits, are people who really love the Lord, who are in love with him and who do not create an abyss between that which we say and that which we really are," Cardinal Ce told the pope and Vatican officials early in a retreat. To me that means we live our lives as people of integrity.

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