Thursday, August 28, 2008

OUR Father...

A parent who teaches, guides, directs, instructs, disciplines, loves, plays with and protects his children. Our Father wants his siblings to get along. Do we need a crises to do that?
If I believed my mailman and the super market check out person were my siblings they’d no longer be strangers or mere acquaintances. We’d have a connection. I’d look at them differently and treat them with more understanding and appreciation. We have the same Parent who is God.
Wouldn’t our Father be happy about that?

All of ours; meaning rapists, thieves, murderers, people who physically, financially or emotionally hurt others; people who sell drugs or give AIDS to others intentionally. It also means saints, the Blessed Mother, Jesus, the people I see in church, priests, nuns, co-workers...We all have the same Parent and He is God.
If we all have the same Father then we are all siblings. My dentist - although he's Jewish, my neighbor - who is a non church going former something-or-other, the parking lot attendant who barely speaks English. God connects us all even if they aren't aware of it. We are all siblings. True, siblings battle each other. But if there was a crisis they'd defend each other. As Americans we have a tendency to rally 'round a cause. If the parking lot attendant's 3 yr old daughter had cancer, for example, I'd be very kind to him, speak words of encouragement, contribute to a collection, offer him my prayers....If I knew. In this sibling situation however, I might never know. But it still may be true that his daughter is sick. We all walk around like that - never knowing what our siblings may be enduring.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Let Go

“A man scatters seed on the ground. Night and day the seed sprouts and grows tho he does not know how. All by itself the soil produces grain.” Mark 4:28
The growth of the Kingdom is ultimately in God’s hands.

If I thought that by buying or planting the seed I owned the seed and I could force it to make what I wanted it to make I’d certainly be wrong. All I did was put God’s creation in a certain place. All by itself the seed does what it does. In this case, all the man did was to scatter the seed on the ground and collect what it grew. He probably presumed he grew the resulting fruit.
This says to me….Let Go. Do what you’re supposed to do and step back. Don’t take credit for the fruit produced. Its God’s creation. Relax. The growth is ultimately in God’s hands. Whether we’re talking about zucchini, relationships or the kingdom of God on earth that will still be true~

Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Assumption is God saying...

Mary's body was assumed into heaven. Her body is not on earth and it did not decay. Our souls go to heaven after death for judgement, but our bodies decay in the earth. Jesus did not want that for his mother. She was special, holy, sacred. It is not fitting that her body would decay. She deserved something more, better than the rest of us. Jesus wanted her with him and so she is - whole and entire. It was not a wish of Mary's nor her request. Neither was her pregnancy with Jesus nor watching her Son be tortured and killed. Mary's whole "thing" was about allowing God to have his will done thru her - even to the manner of her final resting place. She turned her will over to him. She allowed God to be in control. Doing that reaped an eternal reward for her and blessed us all.
The Assumption is God saying_
I couldn't wait another moment to have you here with me, Mary!