Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Assumption is God saying...

Mary's body was assumed into heaven. Her body is not on earth and it did not decay. Our souls go to heaven after death for judgement, but our bodies decay in the earth. Jesus did not want that for his mother. She was special, holy, sacred. It is not fitting that her body would decay. She deserved something more, better than the rest of us. Jesus wanted her with him and so she is - whole and entire. It was not a wish of Mary's nor her request. Neither was her pregnancy with Jesus nor watching her Son be tortured and killed. Mary's whole "thing" was about allowing God to have his will done thru her - even to the manner of her final resting place. She turned her will over to him. She allowed God to be in control. Doing that reaped an eternal reward for her and blessed us all.
The Assumption is God saying_
I couldn't wait another moment to have you here with me, Mary!

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