Monday, April 23, 2012

Silence Between a Young Man and His Father

A review from the Gospel of Luke
God the Father put a star in the sky for the wise men to follow and an angel* for the shepherds.                   *(Angels also spoke to Mary about her pregnancy.  They spoke to Joseph and said it was all right to take Mary as his wife.  Angels spoke to Joseph about the escape to Egypt as well as the family’s return to Nazareth.   Much later and angel told Mary and Mary Magdalen, “He is Risen!”)
God spoke at His Son’s Baptism and at the Son’s Transfiguration.  The Son was silent at the River Jordan (although He must have smiled when His dad said, “I LOVE my Son!”).  When His dad proudly burst forth to Jesus’ friends at the Transfiguration, Jesus told his friends to keep quiet about what they saw.
Jesus at the agony said, “My Father, if it’s possible take this cup.”  His Father said and did nothing ( altho Luke says and angel came to strengthen Jesus.  Lk 22:43) He was also silent at the Crucifixion.
After 3 hours on the cross Jesus asked his dad why he abandoned him.
The response from heaven was profound silence.
I believe that God the Father couldn’t have done any more for me than when he remained silent as his son Jesus cried out,  “God, why have you abandoned me?”  Would any parent remain silent and allow his only son to suffer and die as an innocent at the hands of others?
Those watching said, “If he is the Son of God then let God rescue him” and “Lets see what happens.”   This is what happened.  The Father was silent and Jesus died.
It is finished.
For my redemption, that’s when it began. 

Saturday, April 07, 2012

Case Of the Missing Body

The Case of the Missing Body                               
Holy Saturday Night

Soldier #1     So the boss wants us to sit here and guard the dead body.  If he wants to waste his money that way it’s fine with me.

Soldier #2    Yeah, well he figures Jesus’ buddies will steal it just to say he rose from the dead.  So I guess we’ll just spend the Sabbath watching this stone to make sure it doesn’t roll away

#1 (laughing)    Yeah that would be something to see! 

#2  Sure would!  Hey, what did you get when we rolled the dice for his clothes?


The darkness is over.  The sun is up.  The Son is Out! …and the guards ran away.


 Easter is about surprises!
   v  Awesome splendor after torture and agony

v  Renewal and rejuvenation

v  Light after darkness

v  Faith turning into fruition

v  The proof after the promise

v  Spring following winter

v  Joy overcoming tears

v  Sunrise after the storm

v  Pure lilies with strong stems over disingenuous palms that float with the wind

v  Hunting for colorful eggs and not for the tomb’s missing body

v  Pastels not primaries

v  Letting go of my preconception about the way things should turn out and celebrating the reality of the way things did turn out

v  A king and not a criminal

v  Defeating the devil
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