Friday, December 14, 2012

SPIRITUALLY pregnant and 10 days left

  God, I just realized I'm putting too much thought into the being pregnant part and not the being spiritual part.   I have NO idea what it's like to carry another life inside me so that was becoming a challenge that wasn't working well.  I'd love to be able to do that tho - to physically feel that connected to your Son, my Lord.  WOW. 
But I don't want Advent to be over without getting to the real exercise.  That is to bring Jesus to others simply because he is so much a part of me (your grace, not my doing).  Like a pregnant woman carries her baby everywhere she goes and could never even for a moment forget that, so shall I bring Jesus to others (humph. easy for you to say). 

I will carry his spirit when I talk on the phone or on the computer to others.  He's with me in the car when I deal with other drivers and they will in some way be affected.  I might pray for everyone on the road with me right now or for everyone i my line to pay the Parkway tolls.  Maybe I'll pray for the construction workers doing road repairs.  I could let an over anxious driver pass me and smile (!) as s/he drives by.  When a complaining person begins to approach me I may stifle my inward groan and remind myself I'm a Jesus-carrier.  When that person walks away from me will s/he be better in some unknown way?  Will my face exude gentleness, my words offer kindness, my body language be patience?  
With your help Father God, I will try.  We're 13 days into Advent with 10 days left.