Thursday, December 06, 2012

Spiritually Pregnant in Advent 2012

I'm Pregnant!!!! No, not really.  Mary's pregnancy with the infant Jesus is my focus this year.  
{see blog date 12/2/11}    But I've never been pregnant.  I have to imagine what it's like not only to be pregnant, but pregnant by the Holy Spirit after an angel appears to me.  Way out of my comfort zone!  I'll put a rubber band on my wrist and keep it there until 12/25 as a physical reminder that I'm  spiritually pregnant.   Advent this year is a time of expectancy which is a step beyond just waiting.  Something IS going to happen at the end of this Advent. 

While imagining that I'm pregnant with Jesus I realize that everywhere I go he goes.  Sure, he's just a tiny fetus (I know it's a boy!) but he is with me every single moment.  What I eat, he gets.  When I speak he feels the vibrations of my vocal cords.    He feels movements when I reach for something. 

I imagine the same kind of experience when I receive Holy Communion but this feels different and, sadly, more real.  Maybe because being pregnant is all day every day and my rubber band reminder that I'm spiritually pregnant never leaves my wrist.  After receiving the Body of Christ in Holy Communion and accepting his Presence within me, I somehow lose the experience by the time I get to the parking lot. 

The Baby is present when I'm impatient with someone.  If someone shows me a kindness he sees it too. We are a team, He and I.  We're are a pair-  two for one.  Inseparable every moment of every day.