Saturday, May 14, 2011

God Hugs

Don't Focus on the Good or the Bad i Do but on God's Mercy and Love.

I love little innocent kids who, unknowingly, do wrong. There's no question that I'll forgive a 3 year old that breaks something, for example. My first thought probably wouldn't even be about what was broken or done wrong but about comforting the child. I could look at the child's face and see no malice, no intent to destroy only a fear of punishment. I'd want to wipe away that fear immediately! The child should be comforted not corrected. It's in the nature of a 3 year old to flounder and make mistakes. It's guidance, not blame that they need and a comforting hug.

So~ I should not beat myself up about my own weaknesses and failures rather focus on God's generous mercy. God knows me very well by now after all and as soon as I've sinned He wants to forgive and comfort me. Sometimes I'm too preoccupied with what I've done wrong to appreciate His gentle kindness. I'm beating myself up while he's trying to approach. So myself focus gets in the way and I can't appreciate His extreme generosity and understanding of who i am. Why do I look at me when I could be and should be in awe of God's pardon and looking at a loving Face?

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