Thursday, May 05, 2011

The spirituality (?) of making cards

I fancy myself as a competitor for Hallmark cards- that’s a joke! But I really do enjoy the adventure of finding paper with different textures, patterns and colors. I buy stickers (on sale of course), look thru the internet and magazines for ideas and have become proficient in applying the right kind of glue for the job at hand. I don’t want my cards to look professional. I do want the receiver to notice that tho the card in their hands is neat and clean, it is obviously hand made. Before it gets tucked into an envelope I review the card very carefully one last time. I appreciate the creativity it allowed me to cultivate and the excitement and joy it stirred up in my soul because of its uniqueness. I never reproduce the same card. For several years now I’ve made birthday, Christmas, anniversary and “thinking of you” cards for everyone I know and never repeat the pattern. The joy for me is in the design process and I get lost in it.

Perhaps that’s why I appreciate God, the Creator and Author of Life. God not only created each one of us but also transforms us and our life situations as every single day evolves. As a single prayer for help comes to his attention God intervenes and the moment is transformed. Graces are gifted, persons come into our life path, a message is emailed, a transformation occurs. God is a very, very busy artist! How many requests must be in His In Box daily?

It may take me several hours to make a single card, but God doesn’t have that luxury. We’re a very demanding bunch! Part of our need for constant help may be that we doubt the value of God’s original design- ourselves. But if I go to sooooo much trouble to find the best stickers for a birthday card, comparatively how much effort did God use to design me? I choose paper and texture. God chooses skin color and freckles. I decide on the message I want my card to give while God creates a personality. I know for certain there is no other card like the one I’ve just made. I also know there is no other ME like the one God made. I look at my hand made card with appreciation for the joy it gave me to create it. Could it e that God looked at me the same way on the day of my birth? Could I really be His work of art?

I put my little card into an envelope and send it on its way. By now my friends and family know that envelope contains a gift individually designed for them. God sent me here to NJ to bring a message of joy and love to others also. And where did He place YOU to bring the same message with your unique personality?

Of course from time to time we forget about our message/mission and we become overwhelmed or confused by life going on all around us. God doesn’t get to put away his paint box. His creations run back too Him for continuous help. “Dear Lord, I need a job! Oh God, help me with this test. Father God, give me wisdom to know what is your will.” So he looks at the Very Big Picture and creatively intervenes. Lives change. People change. Grace is at work.

All around me is beautiful evidence of God’s creative talent!

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