Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Through the Eyes of God the Father part 1

God our Father, you gave us the life of your only child, you own Son. You must have been happy at his birth. You didn’t want him to be born in a castle, I’m sure. So you celebrated with angels, a drummer boy and kings. We got that part of your message easily because it’s a gift for us. I like gifts, especially one so special. Your precious Son obeyed his parents and served them until he was finally baptized by John. At that point you just HAD to burst forth! You had been quiet the whole time. “He everyone, this is my Son!” How fatherly an act. How proud of him you were at that moment. Then you watched him go about performing miracles and preaching about you. You two shared hours of prayer together, quietly communicating during the middle of the night.
…to be continued.

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