Sunday, February 11, 2007

Praise Prayer

I praise you Creator of the universe! Wonder Maker! Artist Divine! Your works are beautiful. The human body, birth, the changing of seasons, human’s ability to connect with the Supernatural thru prayer, miraculous healing, humans who can live virtue to an heroic degree. Impressive work, my God! You show your divinity best thru simplicity. Your greatness is displayed in humility. Your power in pure faith. There are no others like you, my Lord.
You teach us how to be at peace by trusting in you. You gave the example in Gethsemane. “Your will be done, Father.” After that surrendering prayer you remained calm. You didn’t struggle or resist. You allowed those whom you created to torture you because you needed to show us how much you love us. There is so much to learn from the example you gave us. The world cannot contain your goodness. We humans do a poor job of being your reflection. I thank you for your Word, which instructs us, and to which we can always turn for guidance. So generous of you to leave us with something we can pour over and reflect on.
I thank you too my very giving Lord for allowing us to connect with you so imtimately by consuming your very Body and Blood. How much closer could you allow us to be? So simple these gifts are but so immensely profound an act – to eat your Body and Blood in bread and wine; thereby becoming one with you. Divinity and humanity co-mingling. Is that allowed? Can it be done? Do Kings share their lives with paupers? Only in You, my God. You are glorious and worthy of all praise and thanks.

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