Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Through the Eyes of God the Father part 2

I believe you began to show him how it would all unfold. You both knew what was coming. And, too soon, it did. You understood Judas’ actions as part of the plan. You watched as Judas went to the authorities and betrayed your Son. You heard him arrange for 30 pieces of silver. Your Son- sold. Then your Son gathered them together for their Last Supper. Jesus sent Judas on his way. It was all beginning to unfold. Your heart began to ache as you watched your Son memorialize the offering of His body and blood in bread and wine. It would represent him because his life on earth would be coming to an end soon. Your Son learned humility from you and his Mother and foster father. Your heart must have been moved as he washed his disciples’ feet. I guess you memorized his every movement, thinking “we need to talk. We need to spend some time together soon.
…to be continued

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