Friday, February 01, 2008

You Remind Me Of Someone...

Mirror by Misspiepie

Jesus, some people say couples begin to look alike after many years together. I can only hope we reach that point. Amy Grant sang a great song in the 70’s called “My Father’s Eyes”. She wanted people to say she had her Father’s eyes meaning that she saw things as God did. If I had my Father’s hands and feet I’d do what he did. Lots of kids follow in their parents’ profession. Lots of couples venture into business together.

It’s sometimes said, “Those two are always together. You never see one without the other.” Could they say that about you and me Jesus? Would my friends and family ever think that? Do I know you well enough and intimately enough that I could imagine what you’d do or say in any situation? Do I love you enough to want to daily please you or to be told I remind people of you?
When people look at me would they ever say, “You remind me of someone…”?

1 Eph 17. “I pray that you may know Him better.”

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