Friday, February 08, 2008

Let Me Tell You a Story...

In chapter 9 of Bread That Is Broken, a book written by Peter B. von Breemen, S.J. there is a story called “Give Them an Impression of Who I Am”. It is the story of a king who summons a boy – not yet born – and gives him a job. The boy is to give the inhabitants of the town an impression of the king. When the young man arrives 25 years later the king gives him a crown, a scepter and a robe before sending him off to fulfill his duty.

The man is quite perplexed as he doesn’t know anything about the king. “Why me?” he questions, and “how am I supposed to make a living?” The young man’s questions are answered by a wise man. “Why NOT you? The king chose you before you were born.

And if you want to know about the king examine how he called you and the gifts he gave you. As far as how you are to make a living just do what you know how to do. You’ve been a farmer. Keep doing that.” So that’s what the young man did.

So, what is the point?
The question of giving people an impression of who Christ is is essential to our calling.
Phil 3:7 “Nothing can outweigh the supreme advantage of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord.”
2 Cor 3:18 “We reflect like mirrors the brightness of the Lord as we turn into the image we reflect.”
In prayer we turn into the image we reflect. Van Breemen writes “This is indeed the work of the Lord who is spirit. The process is a long one. It takes time – time wasted in prayer. There is no other way to know Christ. ”

Examine the gifts. In this case the gifts describe the giver.
The crown – his crown of thorns.
The scepter – was in the form of the cross.
The robe – mocked and gambled for by the soldiers
We are given the gifts we need to accept a life which involves suffering and ridicule.

How do I make a living?
No one can take your place in this area. You can only do what you know how to do. Accept your limitations humbly and do joyfully that which you know how to do.
(part 2 is called TheBestGift)

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