Saturday, September 29, 2007

The rest of the answers..

Since I'm going on vacation for a week beginning Sun September 30th, I'll have to share the rest of the answers to the quiz about the Saints posted on 9/17/07...

1=g See post on this blog dated May 09, 2007 for info about St. Bridget of Sweden or this link:




5=f St. Joan of Arc- God’s Gracious Warrior.
She began hearing voices at age 13 which continued until her death at age 19. The voices became visions. She escaped being captured by jumping from the roof of a 60 foot tower which she miraculously survived. At the stake the executioner gathered up her ashes to throw into the Seine but could not get her heart to burn.



Hope you did well, but even more than that I hope
"The difference between our lives and the Gospel is the same as the difference between written and sung music" .

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