Saturday, September 22, 2007

Name That Tune and the Saints

see the quiz posted on September 17th...
St Francis de Sales wrote the following in his Treatise on the Love of God:
“It often happens among partridges that one steals another’s eggs with the intention of sitting on them. Behold a strange thing yet well supported by testimony – the young one which was hatched and nourished under the wings of a strange partridge at the first call of the true mother quits the thief partridge and goes back to the first mother.
Same thing happens with the human heart. At the first look it throws on God, at its first knowledge of Him the natural and first inclination to love God which was dull and imperceptible, awakens in an instant and suddenly appears as a spark from amongst the ashes.”
His emphasis was on the mercy and love of God. “Everything must be done through love, nothing through force. Obedience must be loved more than disobedience feared.”
“Nothing so impedes our progress in perfection as to be sighing after another way of life.”
St Francis said, “ The difference between the lives of the saints and the Gospel is the same as the difference between written and sung music.”
He also wrote Introduction to the Devout Life and is a Doctor of the Church and patron saint of writers.

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