Monday, September 10, 2007

God's Fun

My theory is that every day’s got a surprise in it and that surprise is from God.
Aren’t we continuously learning? Always meeting new people? Faced with choices and opportunities? That’s what life in God is to me. Today He’s teaching me something I wasn’t ready to learn yesterday. I’m recently realizing I’ve turned into a do-er and I’m not a be-er. So now that I know that (because God decided I was ready to have that pointed out to me)

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I must look for opportunities to put this learning into practice. For me this was about paying attention to how I handled the moment in the day and the people I passed those moments with. I had to concentrate on it with the eagerness and anticipation of pulling wrapping paper from a present. The moment, the person or the event IS the present (present/ gift…get it?) God is in the now. I don’t need to look around or forward for Him. So I search the person’s eyes to see where God is. Especially hard if it’s someone I don’t have time to chat with at that moment or if it’s someone I’ve not gotten along with easily. But that’s the challenge! God’s saying “Here I am! This is your present. Fine me. I am definitely in here. “
Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t. Either way it’s a pleasant surprise. Sometimes I may need a “lifeline” to show me where and how to look: a friend, a co-worker, or a short prayer. Life becomes like a constant discovery process. “Can you find me here?” God asks. “Can you hear me now?”

God’s fun. Don’t let the world tell you otherwise

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