Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Spiritual Intimacy

What is spiritual intimacy? (aka Prayer)

  • to share the deep seated fears and anxieties that I don't share with others
  • to admit that I am known and understood more fully by Someone Else
  • to let myself be loved completely and wholly by a Perfect God
  • to offer protestations of undying devotion and complete adherence to His will - then to fall on my face tripping over my own words. At the same time spiritual intimacy has the audacity to look at God right in the eyes after that experience.
  • to be completely and comfortably quiet with nothing to say for long periods of time

It is hunger for more information about Him whom I love. It is the revelation of knowledge and insight He shares with me thru reflection on Scripture and quiet time together. It is the confidence God has in me that encourages and challenges me to grow.

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