Wednesday, May 09, 2007

If Sin Had An Odor

St. Bridget of Sweden could SMELL sin as it had an odor to her and caused a bad taste in her mouth. If sin could be smelled~

*Buy stock in Renuzit, personal deodorants and perfume companies
*People would try to pretend the smell was coming from someone else
*What would a reconciliation service smell like before and after
*Would different sins have different odors so that each person’s sin would be recognizable? Pride would smell like onions; a lie would smell like a skunk…
*Saturday afternoon lines in Church would be longer than the lines in the mall stores.

Your ideas?


  1. At last people would know what is sin and what is not sin!

    Although I dread to think of what some sins might smell like.

  2. that's a great thought as it seems the definition of sin has been forgotten...
    Isn't God kind to be so forgiving of us so that we not odor-marked?