Wednesday, May 23, 2007

AS IS but loved

Did you ever go to IKEA, the furniture store? There's a section marked " AS IS". The store's rejects are brought there. You may see a chair with a stain on it or a table with a wobbly leg. People who visit the AS IS section don't expect to pay full price because they know this furniture isn't first quality. The standards are lower there. The furniture is usable and fixable, but not worth full price.

In the furniture store of life, that's where I belong. I daily tell God how very much I love Him and how I want to live a virtuous life to an heroic degree but I mess up. I'm like the chair with the wobbly leg - good design but imperfect. I'm old enough now to be willing to accept the reality of my weaknesses. I haven't given up by a long shot. I do want to please God with all my heart and soul, but like St. Paul "I do the very things that I hate." (Rms 7:15) It's amazing how easy it is for me to slip into selfishness or laziness no matter how fervent my prayer that morning might have been. I'm disappointing to myself. I'm a great design with imperfections. As Is. Not special enough for the showroom floor.

Unlike the wobbly legged table at the furniture store though, I am worth full price! Jesus Christ thinks I'm really special. He believes in His design. Jesus believes His creation has wonderful potential and He loves me. I celebrate Jesus' unconditional love and mercy. I rejoice in His tender care and protection of me. It's all about Him. I can't get depressed about my own behavior because the focus would be on me. Wouldn't satan love that? I'm not giving him that chance. No way. Instead I offer my praise and thanks to a merciful generous God. Even though I'm AS IS God thought I was worth the death of His only Son. That's full price. Jesus thinks I'm worth His daily graces. He gifts me with His word and with Eucharist. That's Full Price for sure. How blessed I am to be fully and completely loved AS IS.

Praise and thanks to you, God!

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