Sunday, October 29, 2006

Parable of the Talents

Reflect on this as a means to prepare to offer appropriate thanks to God on Thanksgiving Day!

Parable of the Talents
The Parable of the Talents is a parable of Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew Matthew 25:14-30
The parable is apparently the origin of the use of the word "talent" to use a skill or ability, from the common interpretation of the story to teach that we are under a moral obligation to use our abilities rather than bury them.
1. The real point of the Bible Study is to recognize that we are renters and not owners of anything we have. God gave us gifts to use for HIS purpose. Based on that reflect on the the loss of each of the following:
+ Your reputation is not your own. Imagine it’s loss.
+ Your parents and/or kids are not your own.
+ Your mental health
+ Your physical health
+ Your friends
+ Scripture
+ Eucharist
+ Your financial security
+ What if God decided not to offer Reconciliation and mercy
+ What if God’s love was conditional
What do you think God wants back from you out of all the talents and gifts He gave you?
2. God was not required to give us anything at all be He gave us all of the above listed items simply out of His generosity. How do you plan to show God your gratitude in the future?

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