Friday, October 20, 2006

God's Garden

St. Therese of Lisieux said that in God’s garden everyone can’t be a rose. That would simply be boring. For God to be truly delighted with His creations variety is needed. Some are beautiful roses while others are pure lilies. Yet some are like fragrant violets while others have the simplicity of the daisy.

Daisies can’t wish themselves into roses. First, that’s impossible to do and second, the wasted effort would eventually wear down and destroy the daisy.

The Little Flower also said that perfection doesn’t come in doing God’s will but in being God’s will.

So, if I am only a tiny buttercup or a mum that is what I must joyfully be to the best of my ability. Sure I can see the beauty of the regal rose but all the wishing in the world will not make me that. For my own salvation and humility God allowed me to be the lowly buttercup. Neither must I become a weed in God’s garden, giving bad example and destroying others in my path with my negativity. Dandelions trick the eye into thinking it has seen a flower when in truth it too is a weed. I cannot deceive others into believing I am (or the truth is) different from what I am. To give God true joy ~ and I’ve just defined that as my life’s purpose~ I must be the buttercup that reflects it’s beauty back to the Creator.

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