Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Who wants to party with Jesus?

In the previous post I talked about Luke 14: 15-24 and said I was too busy to hang out with Jesus.  This is a continuation of that story. 
But the decorations are still hanging and the food is all prepared.  The table is set with his personalized touch.  So Jesus searches the area to find someone who doesn't feel the need to punish themselves with negative self images or to protect their own positive self image.  He finds someone who is comfortable with being poor and ordinary.  It's a simple human being who kind of resembles Jesus actually.  This person is hungry but also ready to listen and rest.  And that's exactly when the celebration gets started. 

After my very busy day I return home a little disappointed.  I expected to feel comfort in the fact that I was as productive as I could possibly have been.  I worked hard and gave my all, never wasting a moment.  Instead, while returning home I wondered if I made the right choices and implemented the decisions well.  I didn't feel comfort with giving my all.  I felt anxious.  I began to judge my behaviours and worried if they were as selflessly motivated as I thought they were. 

While in the midst of this analysis I arrive home where Jesus had been all day enjoying the party with several others.  The old Martha/Mary Bible story runs thru my mind and I think, "Well just look at them!  Resting and eating and laughing while I was out there working hard all day."  But of course I remember that I was invited to be here too.It's no wonder they are all enjoying themselves; Jesus is with them.  He is feeding them, filling up their minds and their bodies.  He is paying attention to each of them so each  one feels special to him.  Releasing my burdens with a deep, deep sigh I make my way to the table where Jesus sees me.  He smiles. 

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