Sunday, September 18, 2011

too busy to hang out with Jesus

Luke 14:15-24
So I would have been one of the guests invited to a party Jesus was having.  I am an invited guest!  It's bound to be a great party!  When Jesus has everything prepared and asks me to come I say- " I have some things to do for my family and then I'll be right there." Jesus replies, "But the banquet is ready now.  And I'd really like you to come.  That's why I invited you.  Everything has been prepared for you." 
So I say, "I'm sorry but I'm distracted and very busy.  See, what I'm doing here for you? "  or
"See my imperfections?  I have to work on getting them corrected before I can go to your party.  Gotta run. "  So my Lord watches me walk away from him so that I can continue my journey~
  • to one day feel worthy enough to be in his presence
  • to use up all the talents God gave me so I can rest with a clear conscience one day in his presence
  • to do something beautiful enough to make him proud of me 
He hears me say, "Talk to you later.  Maybe I'll text you" as I quicken my pace and run ahead. 
Alone, Jesus says aloud, "But I've been looking forward to this and preparing everything for a long time so it would be great."  Sadly he says good bye to his hope for this special celebration we were to have together and accepts my choices, my decision to go another way. 

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