Sunday, January 13, 2008

What Makes Me Think I'm Spoiled

* Jesus’ birth, death and Resurrection
* I don’t have to be able to do or be anyone great.
* I’m surrounded by supportive friends.
* Jesus gifts me with change of seasons, of moods, of desires, of jobs, of needs.
* Jesus forgives me personally and sacramentally.
* Jesus gives himself to me in Eucharist and His Word.
* We communicate thru prayer daily, anytime and anywhere we want.
* He’s never left my side.
­* I’ve seen evidence of Jesus’ saving presence when I reflect back on life circumstances which give me trust in the future.
* In addition to himself Jesus give me the opportunity to have a relationship with his mother, his father and the saints.
* I have an eternal home. I am not lost. My life has a purpose.
* Jesus and I have been thru a lot together during these years on earth. All those years, months, days and minutes together have created a spiritual intimacy.
* He gets me! It’s really nice to be fully understood, appreciated, encouraged, challenged, forgiven = loved.
* I have an indisputable role model for every situation in life.
* Jesus allowed me to be part of a church, i.e. a group which formalizes our relationship and provides spiritual experiences, rituals, sacraments and fellowship
* I was blessed with 5 senses thru which the physical world becomes alive to me. I smell a fireplace. I hear children singing their ABCs. I see sun rays. I taste chocolate. I touch when I hug. All these bring joy and the lack of any single sense would be surely missed.
* It’s a real blessing to be able to go to someone who always has time to listen and who really listens and understands.
* It is also a real blessing to know someone who loves you enough to correct you and challenge you honestly to reach your potential.
Have you got anything to add?

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