Sunday, January 06, 2008

A Spoiled Child of God looks like this

I can look back over my life and see You were always there, Lord God. When I thought you were absent or busy taking care of someone or something else, You were really preparing something for me that was bigger and better than I could have imagined. And to this day it never stops. How loved can one soul be?

How attentive you’ve been to my needs.
How sensitive you’ve been to my feelings.
How tender you’ve been with your love.
How gracious you’ve been with your mercy.
How patient you’ve been with my response to your love.
Your faithfulness ASTOUNDS me.
Your generosity has been limitless.

I mean to make it my mission that people know of your goodness.
I will sing about you, write about you, and speak about your forgiving and loving heart.

I am indeed your spoiled, unworthy child. The most important word in that description is Your child. Because of that I’ve been blessed undeservedly – not because of anything I did, can or will do. All because of You, my Lord and my God. Thank you.

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