Sunday, January 20, 2008

God's "Occupied"

“Just as the sun shines simultaneously on the tall cedars and on the little flower as tho it were alone on the earth, so Our Lord is occupied with each soul as tho there were no others like it.” St. Therese

I do not want my whole life on this earth to go by and not have fully lived out Jesus’ request to follow Him. If God is “occupied with my soul” then maybe we can do it t o g e t h e r. I can fulfill God’s mission for me on this earth knowing he lives in my soul. He occupies it. He has taken residence there.


Jesus calmly and gently explains to me that it is not about what gifts I give him or what I do or don’t do, it’s about US time. I should listen, listen and then listen some more. I need to be honest with him and spend time with him. That’s what doing it t o g e t h e r will mean for us.
How will you and Jesus be occupied with each other?

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  1. Anonymous7:57 PM

    This is so inspiring and moves me to tears...