Friday, September 01, 2006

Surrender and be at peace

My heart is pained and shriveled. It is dry and crusty. I feel like I've been walked over by hiking boots. Emptiness within except for the heaviness of my heart. To work is a struggle. To smile is great effort. Calm and peacefulness seem like far away dreams. I accept that sometimes life on earth is hard. So I go to my Jesus for strength.

Lord, I need to be infused with your grace. I need to be surrounded with your protection. Like a child's toy tossed around in the ocean I feel lost and useless. Jesus, I know you love me and that you see my pain. I've tried to heal myself. I've tried to control and not be so needy. But I recognize finally that I am nothing on my own. I am useless and empty without your love and grace. It's OK to be dependent on You. And so at this moment, my Lord Jesus I surrender. I submit my all to you.

Jesus responds: When you submit you allow me to help you and you offer no resistance. My daughter I want to love you and hold you in my protective arms. Can you believe that? I really want to support you. So rest here daughter. Just put your head on my shoulder and rest peacefully. I promised my unconditional love when we began our relationship and I will keep my promise. Let me do that for you. Surrender and find your rest in Me.

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