Saturday, September 09, 2006

Mary and Cinderella

If God had asked me to be the Mother of God (I'm just making a comparison between my own weaknesses and Mary's fiat) it would have gone something like the story of Cinderella and her mean, ugly stepsisters. Mary is Cinderella, of course. She is the quiet gentle one whom the Prince of Eternal Life embraced. She is hidden, humble and self sacrificing.
I, like the stepsisters, am selfish. I am concerned about my own needs and wishes. Example: I'd not have settled in giving birth to God's Son in a manger for animals. I'd have pushed Joseph to find something more befitting. But that would have been more about my desire to do a good job than acquiescing to God's will. God wanted the manger so as to display Jesus' glory and co-inciding humility.
In every Bible story Mary responds gently and gracefully. Indeed she was gracefilled. Like Cinderella she was obedient and willing to let her own will go. And in the end she lived with the Prince of Eternal Life happily ever after.
I have much to learn if I'm ever going to change from my self-appointed role....

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