Sunday, June 11, 2006

Novena to St. Therese of Lisieux

This novena is special in that it prays for the blessing of spiritual gifts rather than earthly favors.

Saint Therese, who in your short life attained to angelic purity, generous love, and wholehearted surrender to Almighty God, pray for us who trust in you. You have received the reward of your virtues; obtain for us the grace to be pure of heart and to avoid whatever may tarnish any virtue pleasing to God. May we know in every need the power of your prayer for us. Comfort us in the sorrows of this life and especially at its end, that we be worthy to share your happiness in Heaven. Amen.
Pray for us, blessed Therese, that we may be worthy of the promises of Christ.
O Lord Who has said: "Unless you become as little children, you shall not enter into the Kingdom of Heaven," grant us, we implore you, to walk in the footsteps of Saint Therese. Amen.

Intention for the FIRST DAY - Faith Almighty God and Creator of all things, to overcome lukewarmness and inflame souls with Your love, you have enriched the soul of Your Little Flower with such firm faith that she longed to give her life for You. I ask You, by the merits of her lively faith, to infuse in me a like faith. Grant that I may believe all the truths taught by the Catholic Church and practice until death all virtues. Amen.
Our Father Hail Mary Glory Be
Intention for the SECOND DAY - Hope Almighty God, You Who are glorified in Your saints, grant me the gift of hope as was evident in the life of Saint Therese, that I may believe firmly in Your words:
Whatever you ask in My Name shall be given to you."
As Saint Therese turned away from the vanities of this world and consecrated herself to You with complete confidence, may I also turn from those vanities and seek You alone, my love and my all. Amen.
Our Father Hail Mary Glory Be
Intention for the THIRD DAY - Love My Jesus, grant that I may love You as much as Saint Therese, Your Little Flower, and say with her: "My Jesus, I beg You only for Your love, without limits and without bounds. Grant, my Jesus that I may love you with the strength of a martyr. I wish to love You as You have never been loved."
And you, Saint Therese, help me to be ever grateful to Him Who loves me so much. Amen.

Our Father Hail Mary Glory Be
Intention for the FOURTH DAY - Submission My Lord and my God, You always will what is best for me. As Your Little Flower consecrated herself to You to endure all sufferings and pain, may I accept with perfect resignation and even cheerfulness all the hardships that come to me in life, that I may be able to say, as did Your beloved spouse:
"Jesus, I offer my hardships to You in the name of Your love."
Our Father Hail Mary Glory Be
Intention for the FIFTH DAY - Patience My Lord, Innocence Itself, You endured all forms of shameful treatment for love of me. Give me the humility, self-denial, and patience to imitate Your spouse, Saint Therese of the Child Jesus, and say with all my heart:
My despised Jesus, grant me, by the merits of Your humility and patience, to bear with a a calm spirit all the sufferings of this life, and then to enjoy Your company with Your spouse, the Little Flower. Amen.
Our Father Hail Mary Glory Be
Intention for the SIXTH DAY - Simplicity My sweet Jesus, give me the charity and simplicity of Saint Therese. She said her mission in Heaven would be to make others love God as she loved Him, and to teach others to seek and find God in the little things in life. Grant that I may not rest until I love God with all my strength and with the childlike simplicity of the Little Flower.
Our Father Hail Mary Glory Be
Intention for the SEVENTH DAY - Humility My Jesus, give me the grace to practice virtue in little things. It is sometimes difficult, but I trust in Your goodness, and Your love for humble persons. I am too weak to climb he ladder of perfection alone, but I know that I shall obtain from You the help I hope for. I join the Little Flower in asking You for this blessing. Amen. Our Father Hail Mary Glory Be
Intention for the EIGHTH DAY - Doing for Others My God and my Love, give me on earth the same mission You gave Your Little Flower in Heaven, of spending my life doing good to my neighbor. My Jesus, help me to console all men and encourage them to love You. May all love You as Your Immaculate Mother, Your foster father, Saint Joseph, Your holy angels, and Saint Therese love you. Allow me to pray with her: "Let Your divine glance rest upon a vast number of little souls, worthy of Your love."
Our Father Hail Mary Glory Be
Intention for the NINTH DAY - Happy Death My dear Lord, grant me the same childlike love for Your foster father and Your holy and immaculate Mother as Saint Therese had. And you, Saint Therese, ask my great protector and father, Saint Joseph, and my holy Mother, Mary, to obtain for me the grace of dying the friendship of Jesus, and expressing in your own words: "My God, I love You." Amen.
Our Father Hail Mary Glory Be

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