Monday, June 19, 2006

Jesus' Humility

Jesus, you learned humility
1.First from your parents, Mary and Joseph.
a) Your conception caused public speculation for them
b) Your birth place must have been hard for Joseph, the family's breadwinner, to handle. Surely he wanted to be a good provider.
c) Your parents were only able to offer pigeons at your Presentation...the offering of the poor.
d) Mary and Joseph must have been embarrassed at having lost you in the Temple at age 12.
2. During your own active ministry you didn't even have a home
3. Very few, including the Apostles, knew what you were preaching about
4. During your public life you were questioned and tested frequently by the "authorities"
5. An attempt was made to kill you by stoning
6. They ignored your values in turning the synagogue into a market place
7. the people in your hometown rejected your mission and others asked "can anything good come from Nazareth?"
8. You healed hundreds of people who never even said thank you.
9. You washed your apostles feet
10. You allowed yourself to be arrested by soldiers over whom you had real authority and power.
11. You allowed Judas to turn you in and Peter to deny he even knew you.
12. You were tortured, mocked and spit upon by the soldiers.
13. You were judged and condemned by Pilate , a frightened leader
14. You were stripped publicly.
15 You were given vinegar to drink while on the cross
16. You were nailed to a cross without complaining and left to die.
17. Like your birth, your burial place was not your own.

Readers: any other ideas?

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