Wednesday, May 03, 2006

a Discussion on How to Pray

The following is an excerpt from Praying with Teresa of Avila
by Rosemary Broughton.

  • Do I approach personal prayer as an attempt to speak to God, the One who loves me?
  • Do I allow myself to become discouraged when I feel inept in expressing myself to God?
  • Do I avoid prayer because it seems so unreal?

Reflect on the quality of the conversation in your daily life: your way of getting another person's attention, your tone of voice, your sincerity about being heard, the content of your message, your ability to hear another person, and the verbal or nonverbal gestures that you use to close the conversation. Continue this reflection by examining how others communicate with you. Write a summary of these considerations.

Next, reflect on the way you approach and speak with God and on the way God approaches and speaks with you.

  • Do you speak with God like you speak with other people?
  • Are your expectations the same or different?
  • Do you find yourself trying to hide aspects of your life from God?
  • Do you tiptoe around issues with God the way you might tiptoe with other people? Is this necessary?

End this reflection by talking with God about the relationship and communication that you share. Ask God to send you whatever you need in order to deepen and enliven your relationship.

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