Friday, December 02, 2011

The Annual Question on the Manger Scene

The annual manger scene question is  who or what would you be in the scene this year? I’ve been the hay and the donkey and this year I should be the star. It’s a very uncomfortable position and very humbling. But a star needs only do what it is meant to do, what it was designed for and nothing more. In so doing the shining star draws attention so that others observe  and want to follow the path it displays.  It doesn’t matter to the star if some reject its importance.  It shines anyway.  The sparkle is not dependent on acceptance from others because it shines for everyone.  This star’s only need is to stay near to Jesus.  Otherwise it would be like every other star leading others only to itself.  People walk toward this star but the closer they get to the end of the path the less they see the actual star and the smaller the star appears.  No one arrives at the manger scene in Bethlehem and says, “What a magnificent star!”  It is ignored save for those still far away, still searching, still following.  The star has served its purpose in pointing others to Jesus.    Have I?

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