Thursday, July 14, 2011

Standing in the Blood of Jesus

Jesus, I have an image of your crucifixion. Your warm blood drips from the cross but not to the ground. Some days I stand beneath with a bowl protecting the precious blood from dripping onto the thankless ground. Some other days, depending on the depths of my feelings I kneel beside the cross collecting each drip with my cupped hands. And on very intimate occasions I allow your Precious Blood to drip directly onto my head, shoulders and body so as to be washed by your holiness. That is the purest form of humility and sorrow for sin. Your goodness, your love cleanses me. It is not something I can do myself. Your forgiveness and mercy wash away my sorrow and shame. We become one as my selfishness falls away and I become more like you.

Give me a clean heart, O God. Wash away my sins. Pour over me the oil of gladness.

We have all sinned and are justified freely thru the Redemption that came by Jesus.

So now that I have been washed and purified I can say with Paul “I no longer live but Christ lives in me.”

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