Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thy Will Be Done on earth

…But we preferred our own will to ours. The design was altered during our implementation of the plan. My sinfulness, willfulness, selfishness caused the alterations. Now that things have gone so far awry it’s almost hard to remember the original intent. I get very preoccupied with my own needs in this life and I forget my role in your Big Picture. When I pray for your will to be done on earth, I’m praying that you work in me, through me, around me to make this earth conform to your original design. I’m praying that you teach me how to make you priority #1 so that my actions and thought are more like yours. Whatever it takes Lord, your will be done. Your will be done on earth means I want you to ignore my preferences, my requests and demands. Just ignore them. I will embrace a stance of nothingness. I’ll have no preferences, no disappointments, and no plans. That’s not an easy prayer Lord! And yet how often have I prayed it? Only with your grace Lord, may I get to the point at which self indulgence is not in my thoughts.

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