Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Hallowed Be Thy Name

Even your name should be held holy…like everything else about you. You should be completely adored, praised and appreciated. Because of how patient you are with us- because of your mercy on us –because of your unconditional love for us. The degree of all these things is something only a God can do. Why do you keep doing it despite our lack of response? Our lack of gratitude? It’s beyond my ability to fathom. Only God could love us despite our sinfulness. And so I praise you God for this extreme generosity! I wish more people could appreciate you better – including myself. You are holy. You are sacred. Your mother on earth was born sinless. Your foster father was a quiet, humble, obedient and faithful man. The relationship between your true Father and you evokes a Holy Spirit making an unrepeatable Trinity. You heal the sick, forgive sins, taught us through the Scriptures and gave us your very own Body and Blood as spiritual food. Yes Lord, You are holy!

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