Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Practices of Nothingness

St. Therese of Lisieux didn’t make acts of penance as was popular in those years. “Alas, I never made any.” She preferred instead, beginning at the age of 15 to:
Not draw any attention to herself
Not seek personal recognition
Have NO personal preferences.

She focused on :
secret inconspicuous acts of service to others
not putting her opinions into conversations
refusing to harbor thoughts and feelings that were about herself.
She would not (in accord with 1 Cor 13) foster any form of self indulgence, self promotion or self pity. That is how she forgot about herself.

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  1. Found your comment on my older post. Amazing when minds run down the same track, isn't it?

    Pretty blog picture choices, AND you've convicted me of something practiced by patron saint: "not putting her opinions into conversations."

    I LIVE to do that, I'm sorry to say. Because usually I don't offend by doing it, and even reach out and open up conversations for shyer people by doing so, which is actually an act of fellowship, I am STILL not justified in practicing it every time for the sake of the occasional time I do good, which is probably less often than I think I do.

    Thanks for your comment and your good blogging. God bless you!