Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Irreplaceable Work of Art Destroyed!

My emotional needs are many, Jesus. I am self centered. I desire emotional and spiritual integrity - to be the person You designed me to be. I want your creation to be pure and uncluttered. It's like destroying a work of art that someone (You!) took great pains to create. Imagine a vandal going into the MOMA or the Louvre and just spray painting over rare pieces. We'd be devastated! It would be in all the papers. "Look what's been destroyed: irreplaceable works of art. Creations lost forever!" we would say. But I do that very thing when I try to love others with my own love which is self centered and tainted. I love when convenient or with conditions, not with my whole heart
selflessly and purely for the sake of the other- all others. If I could love and serve others the way You did then I'd be a person of spiritual integrity. I'd be true to my core self- my soul, and to You, Jesus.
But we have God's free gift of mercy. So unlike those art museum pieces we can change and return to our true spiritual identity.
Confession is like a restoration artist. The priest can grace me back to the original creation God designed. Eucharist strengthens my character. Meeting you in prayer, Jesus, gives me a sense of resolve and fortitude. I am weak and sinful so I need all the daily helps I can get. I need frequent communication and interactions with you, Lord. I desire to offer you pure love and a life of gratitude. I don't want to be a graffiti covered design. I want to reflect you- to be a your work of art.
Praise and thanks be to God!

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