Saturday, March 03, 2007

Through the Eyes of God the Father part 4

Looking at the drops of real blood coming through Jesus’ forehead like perspiration you wanted to say, “Let’s forget this. No, Son you don’t have to go through this. Stop it right now.” You wanted to wipe his face, hug him, pat him on the back and say, “It’s OK. We don’t have to do this.” But as your only Son begged for help you remained silent. You did not rescue him. It was your agony too. Father and Son both suffering in that garden because of my sins. Because you loved me more than I deserve to be loved. Because you knew it was the only was for sins to be forgiven and eternal happiness to be available to all.
God I cannot fathom that much love. I can only respond in silent awe, humility and gratitude.

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