Wednesday, March 14, 2007

God Invited Me Into His Home

“Jesus please take me home to see your Father. I want to meet your Dad.” We’re walking along the beach and Jesus asks me if I want to get cleaned up first. “ Yes, of course!” is my reply. I know I’m not worthy of this blessing. I know my sins and weaknesses. But my hand is in Jesus’ and I know He’s the only way I can access the Father. Jesus and I walk toward the water and I
kneel in the ocean facing him. With my face held in his two hands Jesus speaks. “My friend I know of your sinfulness and I know the shame you bear b/c of it. I’m the only one who knows it all, who sees it all. I see your
soul and I know your life. As I pour this water over your head see your shame fall away. Watch your sins drown in the ocean and get pulled away from us by the tide. Let them go. Do not concentrate on them, but look at me instead.” I look in to Jesus’ eyes and feel sorry that I ever hurt him by these sins. I can feel them tumbling out of my head, my heart, my hands.
They fall down into the ocean with every handful of water Jesus pours onto my head. They float around me for a short while before they disappear into the tide. The next wave encircles me and washes away all the remnants as Jesus continues to look into my tear filled eyes. “I am so very sorry Jesus. I’ve been weak many times and selfish. Please forgive me.” Jesus replied;
“I forgave you a very long time ago my daughter. I forgave you on the cross long before you even knew me. As I walked along Golgatha I remembered
you. When they nailed my hands and feet I was thinking of you. ‘I can do this,’ I thought. ‘ I can do this for her. She’s worth it all. I love my friend!’ Did you know you were on my mind then?

As sorrow for my sinfulness and weakness overwhelms me Jesus takes my two hands and tells me to stand. Its time to meet his Father! Jesus is so happy that it’s contagious. We’re both smiling as we walk along the beach toward a small cottage further down the road. I’m full of anticipation. It’s a mixture of nervousness and excitement. Jesus is jumping up and down all around me while he talks, “ Just wait, you’re going to love him. He already loves you. I’ve told him so much about you! He’s looking forward to talking with the person I care so very much about. He’s just like me but even better.
I learned every thing I know from Him. I can’t wait for you to meet Him.” I can’t help but absorb Jesus’ joy and I find myself grinning from ear to ear. With each word we get closer to the beach cottage. It’s a small but friendly looking home. I can see a porch with a 2-seated swing and plants lined up on the railing. The house is white and there’s a pathway and a welcome mat
leading to the front door.
Jesus looks at me and his eyes are wide with anticipation, ‘Here we are’ he says. ‘Are you ready?’ Feeling encouraged by Jesus’ happiness I say yes. I’m also very anxious to meet his Father. Jesus never stops talking about him. He’s so proud of he’s Abba- that’s the nickname Jesus uses. I’ve never experienced a Father-Son relationship like this one before. They are
definitely very close. And Jesus says he’s the spitting image of his Father so he must be a great man. With an ever so slight shaking of my knees I say, “Yes Jesus. I really want to meet your Father. Let’s go in.”
Jesus opens the front door for me and while walking into the living room he says, “ Abba this is my friend. She’s the person I was telling you about. I really love her and I’m very proud of her so I wanted her to meet you.” Then he turned to me and said, “This is my Father.”
Immediately God the Father walks over and greets me with a strong voice and a welcoming hug. “My son Jesus has not stopped talking about you. I’m so happy we can be together now and get to know each other a little better. Come in and sit down. Put your feet up. We’ll have supper together a little later.” And God directs me toward a soft armchair in front of the
fireplace. He and Jesus sit on the sofa to my right after they’ve hugged and given each other loud pats on the back. It’s a warm and friendly atmosphere to be sure, but I’m still a little nervous. Experience taught me that the best way to get over yourself is to focus on others. I comment on the quaintness of this simple home and its charm. Pictures line the mantle and adorn the walls. Jesus and me, Jesus and His mom, Jesus and His friends – the apostles. There’s a framed picture of Jesus and Peter, the first Pope, on a side table. On the shelf under that table is a photo album through which I browsed later and saw photos of some of their special friends: Mother Teresa, Pope John XXIII, my grandmother, St Francis and many others.

Sharing a cup of tea together we begin to chat about how Jesus and I first met and how our relationship has grown over the years. I realize while hearing myself speak that throughout all that time Jesus was much more attentive to me than I was to him. As a matter of fact I was surprised about the degree of pride Jesus had in our relationship. He felt he could let it all out. He kept smiling and his eyes were dancing. I was embarrassed frankly by this outpouring of attention and tried to return the favor. “I’m sure He’s told you about the time I read all those books about saints because I wanted to be a better person for Him, but then I couldn’t put it all into practice. Well, Jesus turned right around and blessed me with graces to live my daily life to the best of my ability and accept that with humility. He always knows how to make people feel better about themselves.”

God the Father replied, “Oh for sure I know that about my Son. He spent his whole life doing that. I told him it would be hard and that people might not accept him but he was determined not to let that stop him. He’s a great Son and always has been. We’re very close, my Son Jesus and I, and I’d like to include you in that relationship too if you’re willing.” “That’s why I’m here,” I answer, I’m not as good nor anywhere near as
holy as Jesus is for sure but I’m willing to work on it.” Jesus says, “You misunderstand. My Father wants you just as you are. He loves you because he sees the potential you have, your eagerness your simplicity. He’s just affording you the opportunity to be more of a participant than a spectator.” With a pat on Jesus’ back God chimes in, ‘I couldn’t have said it better myself Jesus! That’s what I mean. So what do you say? Are you interested in becoming more intimately involved in our family?”
Well what would that mean?” I ask. My heart is pacing with nervousness and anticipation. Can I do this? What if I fail? Will they be disappointed in
me? My thoughts were interrupted by God’s words “ Only more times together like this. My Son and I could let your see circumstances and people as we do. We’d introduce you to some of our friends and spend more time with Jesus’ Mother. We could talk things over together. What do you say? Do you want to join us? My nervousness had melted away with the sound of
God’s voice. It was replaced with a kind of awe and embarrassment. They just wanted me to hang out with them. It was much simple than I thought. It always is with Jesus. Everything is much more peaceful when He’s with me. Without Him I get full of myself and cocky, eventually tripping over my own feet. I could tell that being with Jesus and His Father could do nothing
but make me a better person. Why wouldn’t I want that? “I’d love to if you’ll have me,” I answer. God and His Son look at each other and smile. As one unit, they engulf me with a double hug “Thank you” says Jesus, “Thank you for believing in us we’ll never let you down.”
God the Father directed us over to the table where supper was waiting “Wait till you taste the Bread,” he says. “It’s especially delicious.

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