Saturday, January 13, 2007

Run then Rest

“Let the little children come to Me for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.” Mth 19:14

If my 4 yr old niece had a problem she’d get upset and run to her mom or dad with it. I’ve seen it happen many times. “Mom, Alissa (her 1 yr old sister) took my doll and won’t give it back.” Or “Dad, can you fix the computer?” She hardly gives her problem a thought other than to run to a parent. Once that’s done, she rests calmly.
My niece Margie knows her mom will somehow manage to get her doll back and keep Alissa smiling at the same time. She also knows with complete confidence that her parents have the ability to fix whatever is wrong. She has no doubt that she just has to tell her dad about the computer and it’s as good as done. He may not fix it right away but he will get to it.
So after running to a parent, I’ve seen Margie just sit down and wait calmly for the results. In time her doll will be returned to her or the computer will be available again. What does she do while she’s waiting? Margie is usually very calm and confident. It’s as though she put that need aside. She may then go and draw a picture or get something to eat. She did all she had to do, i.e., tell her parents. She knows they love her and want her to be happy so she’s sure they’ll fix what’s wrong. And they do. In time. Margie’s work is done. She can feel relieved and return to a peaceful state because her parents will take care of her.
She didn’t ask for anything bad.
She hadn’t done anything wrong.
It was a just a fair request.
Her experience shows her that they’ve always helped her in the past and that they keep telling her how much they love her. She gets daily hugs and kisses, treats and smiles. So she keeps drawing until her request is fulfilled. She’s calm, happy and patient. Sure enough, at a point when she’d almost forgotten the urgency of her need, her doll is returned. The computer is fine. She smiles and may or may not remember to say thank you. Life is good.
“Let the little children come to Me for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.”
So the reverse means if you are not like little Margie the kingdom of heaven may not be your home. But Lord, that’s where I want to be – home with You! So, I must be as trusting as a little child.
When the bills are high – as long as I’m working as diligently as I can and my spending is just and fair – I can run to you for help and then forget about it.
When my family is arguing I can pray for Your peace and then rest in You.
When work is overwhelming I can turn my gaze to You and work an honest day’s labor calmly.
When illness strikes a loved one, I can run to You for answers and just wait in confidence. It will be done in Your time. “Do not hinder the little children from coming to Me”, You said. So, here I come running Father God. I have a long list! I am Your weakest follower and I find myself stressed out or tired. I must be doing this all wrong. I’m not resting in You or waiting with confidence.
Little Margie will distract herself while she waits for mom or dad to address her need.
“The Kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these.” So I need to learn from her. I need to put aside my complex thinking process and analytical skills. They don’t belong here. My restlessness and anxiety aren’t congruent with child-like simplicity either. After I run to You Father God I should do what the 4 yr old does, rest in You. Run, then rest.
Drop the subject, distract myself with other things and let go. Once I tell my tale I should release my anxiety even if nothing seems to have changed right away. I know from my own life story that You do love me, God. Things have always eventually worked out, differently perhaps from my plan, but they have worked out. And if the worry comes back I look to You and let it go again. If I need to do a moment of releasing through imagery prayer or breathing or exercise then that’s what I should do in order to let God be God.
If the Kingdom of heaven belongs to such as these then that’s who I want to be because that’s where I want to be. With You, my Lord.

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