Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Mary visits Elizabeth

The Annunciation to Mary was your date of conception, virginally. So God our Father had made the decision to have you come to earth the way every child does except for your virginal conception. God chose an average girl in an average town. So Mary, the young girl is pregnant with you and soon after she tells her parents and fiancée. You, Jesus, were still very tiny in utero at this point with your body still being formed.
Soon afterwards, Mary travels to visit her cousin who is also pregnant. (You traveled a lot while still in the womb!) She probably came by donkey with others. After several days journey she gets off the donkey and approaches Elizabeth’s house. Mary’s cousin was pregnant too. Her baby picked up on her excitement and your cousin John moved all around in his mother’s womb. Elizabeth says this to Mary who responds by praising God, their heavenly Father for all the miracles He has performed. John was born first, but Mary had returned home by then. God’s mystery was beginning to unfold but the children’s parents didn’t know how that would happen. John would be raised by Elizabeth and Zechariah. Zechariah told everyone that John was going to prepare the way for the Lord – and that he did!

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