Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A Thank You Card to God

I’m bound by human words but they are so limited and useless for expressing thanks to You, my Savior. Lord I’ve used many of those words before like a 4 yr old who doesn’t grasp the degree of sacrificial parental love. That child will go into the garden her mother planted, break off a beautiful blooming rose and present it to her parent along with a big smile.
But it wasn’t the child’s work that produced the rose. And mom may even have preferred it to remain exactly where it was planted. Like that child I use your gift of speech and give it back to you. Thank you God, I say repeatedly. I praise you God. While a nice gesture, better thanks would be more active: a life of love, an attitude of gratitude. In all humility and with apprehension about my own ability to follow through I say simply, “Watch me. I’ll show you my thanks. “

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