Thursday, August 10, 2006

Mary's thoughts on the Glorious Mysteries

1.The Resurrection

Mary felt a close bond with her Son Jesus after being the only person on earth to live with him for 30 years. They had an intimate bond.
"I held him tenderly when they took him off the cross. I guess I knew he was dead, but I didn't want to hurt him. When they took him from my arms and laid him in the tomb, I thought my heart just stopped beating. I tried to believe and to understand but I was his mother first. I was angry, grieving and empty, all at the same time. Then we waited. It seemed like forever, but they tell me it was 3 days. I was devastated, I don't remember those days clearly. It's all just a blur. But then, I had an opportunity no other mother will have.
My Son came back from the dead. I had hoped for it and prayed for it, but I didn't allow myself to really expect it. Then, one day I went for a walk. I reached the farthest well by the trees beyond the buildings.
As I pulled up the water, I felt a hand on my shoulder. But it wasn't a stranger's touch. I recognized it. I was almost too afraid to turn around because I didn't want to be disappointed. But then He said my name, "Mary". My Son called me by my name. and that's when I realized He was different. He was alive. He was smiling. He wasn't in pain. He was GLORIOUS. It was GLORIOUS to see him. All of a sudden, the whole day was Glorious. Life was Glorious! He said my name again. Mary. That's when my Son became my God and all the pieces of the puzzle came together in my mind. Here is my Son. He is alive. Here is my God. He is glorious. And he hugged me.

2.The Ascension

The time finally came when Jesus had to move on. He had to return to his real Father in heaven. I sensed it was coming. He was going to leave us again. But I wasn't as sad this time. He was safe and well and happy. Yes, I sensed He was really happy to be going. Selfishly, I wanted to hold on to him, but I knew, like every mother, I eventually had to let go.
He taught us about the Holy Spirit during these last few days and he kept saying we would never be alone. That was the hard part between Good Friday and Easter Sunday. I felt desperately alone. But not this time. I believed Jesus. He had filled me up with hope and convinced me he would always be with me.
And, as his Mother, I wanted him to be happy. I had to let go so he could return to his real Father. I had to humbly remember that I was only the vessel God used to bring his Son to earth and so I let go.
"Get going", Jesus told us. "Go where I send you and tell the people about eternal life and confidence and hope. And remember," said my Son and these were the last words He ever spoke,"remember I am with you always, until the end of the world."

3. The Descent of the Holy Spirit

After Jesus returned to his true Father and his true home in heaven, the Apostles and I gathered for daily prayer together. We met in the room where Jesus appeared to us after his death. We met there and prayed and tried to figure out what each of us would do. So one day we were in that room praying and asking for instructions. I guess we should have known what to do next, but to be honest, we were unsure. Jesus had always led us. Since he told us to remember that He'd always be with us, we were hopeful and we waited. We were confident God would hear our prayers, but we never expected what happened next.
We all stopped whatever we were doing because someone thought they heard something. In the quiet, I felt a sense of presence..someone was there with us. Anticipation grew within me and my eyes widened. When the angel came to me to say I was with child I had felt the same anticipation. My heart raced. It seemed like a great silence overcame us and I fell to my knees. The disciples all did the same. An energy filled the air - a divine energy. It filled the space in that room and it filled me. I wasn't afraid at all. I haven't been afraid since Jesus rose from the dead. I was eager. What was God going to do with this humble group now? And then the energy seemed to brighten the entire room. I felt like I was aflame. It felt like power. Power from heaven had come over us. It covered us and filled us. I tried to be open. I tried to receive and be filled. Whatever my God was offering me, I wanted to receive it. The sacred power seemed to overcome us all and I remembered to last words my Son said to me,"Remember I am with you always." I knew it was Him. He shared his power with us so we would not be alone. He gave us his own Holy Spirit.

4. The Assumption
At the foot of the Cross John promised my Son he would care for me and he did that for many years. I got very tired as the years moved on and one day I passed from this life in my sleep during an afternoon nap. I thought I was dreaming. I felt like I was floating on a cloud, yet being transported somehow. I can't honestly say I know how it happened, but I came here to this Sacred Place. I'm living in Heaven now, totally and perfectly. What I mean is, I am here soul and body. Everyone else here only has a soul,for now. They will experience the resurrection of their body one day soon. I've also been able to see Jesus and to hold him tight like I used to. But the most wonderful blessing of all is that I see God! HE is the One for whom I lived my life. I see God who is the person I dedicated my self and every single action I performed on earth. I carried his Son and raised him. I did it all for God and now I can enjoy everlasting happiness here with him and with Jesus! Can you imagine my joy?
There is one more thing you must know. Since I am here in heaven I get the chance to meet your loved ones who have died. I know you miss them and I remember what that feels like. But I must assure you, they are in peace! It is beyond the peace that you know on earth and I probably cannot explain it well. You need not worry for them. On the contrary they look after you. They intercede for you and they are very proud of you. They are all happy. Everyone here is happy and we look forward to the day when we will all be here together.

5. The Coronation
When I was a young girl, the Lord sent an angel to speak to me. The Angel said, "Rejoice, O highly favored. The Lord is with you." Truthfully there were hard times for me on earth during which those words comforted me. They made me feel very special and loved. But my God is even more generous than that. They call me the Queen of Heaven, now. God gave me everything I needed to fulfill His Plan on earth. All I did was to remain faithful. Yet they call me the Queen. I do, indeed, feel like a Queen, surrounded by God and angels and saints in eternal joy and with no needs or wants. I am richer and more blessed than any person I know. My God is a very generous and loving God. I am not worthy of this title or his extreme generosity. All I did was listen for His word and remain faithful to it.
I beg you to do the same. I'd love you to be with us one day so you can share in our joy. The words that gave me strength can help you, too. "Rejoice. The Lord is with you."

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