Thursday, April 20, 2006

Reflection on the empty tomb

Gone. Jesus' body is not only gone but the angel said he is risen. When he stepped out of the cave tomb did he look back at the rolled away stone, throw his head back and laugh? "Father you really did it this time. That will surely get them all worked up." Then Jesus found a hidden place to wait for the women to arrive with the traditional fresh spices. While waiting he examined the holes in his hands and feet. There they were: vivid memories of the pain and torture. But those holes were also clear reminders of the degree of Jesus' love for us. He must have spent as much time as he could then in praise and worship to his Father for seeing him through to the end...and the beginning.
What thoughts did they share?
Did Jesus ask about his mother Mary?
Did the Father express his gratitude to the son for his faithful obedience?
Can you put into words how happy Jesus was?

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