Tuesday, March 26, 2013

They LOOKED on him whom they have pierced

There were some among the crowd who must have believed he was Jesus, the Christ and Savior. Or some who at least believed he was an innocent man who'd done nothing wrong - even healed people. They watched. They "looked on him". They hadn't done the actual piercing of his side but they might as well have. They were a mob, a crowd of followers who could have revolted en masse but they didn't. They looked. Some may have been very sad, crying even as they looked at his body weakening with every moment. They watched the blood flowing from his side as it turned into an ever clearing liquid.  Jesus cried out,"God, why did you abandon me?"  They heard and still they watched.

We can't blame them tho. We do it all the time. We don't get involved in situations of domestic violence. We hear. We watch.
People are dying alone in hospices all over. We don't even visit or watch.
Young girls are caught up in the slavery of human trafficking. At 15 they are having their captors' babies. We could donate to the emergency shelters that house them  or be like the crowd.

We can watch the news or watch the movie about
it...looking on him whom we continue to pierce.