Friday, January 11, 2013

When's the End of YOUR Lifespan???

Ps 90 says " Seventy is the sum of our years, or 80 if we are strong and most of them are fruitless toil..."

I don't believe the fruitless toil part but can't disagree with the suggested end of a lifespan.  Tho I'm not in those decades I am "of a certain age" as the phrase goes.  It's time to reflect on what to do with the limited time left. I am very happy that I do not wish i lived my life differently.  No regrets.  I ABSOLUTELY wish I could have been a nicer person, a kinder person and less of a sinner. {I heard the word perfect   in the Gospel command but didn't hear the word be in front of it until recently.  My life was spent doing instead of being- but that's a totally different reflection. }   So I won't waste the time looking back and it can't be changed anyway.  But going forward what do i do about family, friends, job, church involvement, health, financials, spiritual and personal growth? 
I am fluid and always changing as is everyone else, partly due to outside situations but also in part a result of personal choices. 
  • Will I finally put an end to worry and completely trust God?
  • Will I actually chose a simpler life style?
  • Will take proactive measures to help and protect my body instead of forcing it to do things that may hurt it?
How many years do I have left to get around to doing these things?  There are more years behind me than ahead of me most probably now.  If the Scripture is right maybe I should begin this very minute to live the radical life style God requests.

What about you?