Thursday, July 19, 2012

Only By His Grace

Only By His Grace is a beautiful song by Ron and Shelly Hamilton (see link below)
"everything we do is by God's grace alone.
every loving word we say and every tear we wipe away."
It all come to us with strength provided by God.  I want to do good things for you God but I can't do any of them without the strength you give me.  You give me the idea itself to do good.  That is the nature of your life within me.  Your blood flows to my heart softening it and making it vulnerable to the pain of others.  My own nature is self absorbed.  My needs and wants have to be met before I can look outward.  But your grace encourages me to look beyond myself even when my own needs are unmet.  It's you God!  You give me the thought and the ability and opportunity to carry out the thought. 

Here's the funny part.  I get proud of myself when I deny myself and reach out to others.  Silly, isn't it?  Here, again I'm showing how self absorbed I am.   "What a good person you are.  You are generous in giving God this gift of self denial."   The reality is that you are love,  unconditional love for others that cannot hold back.  I just need to stay out of your way and say yes moment by moment...which I will do.....
Only By Your Grace. 
Ron And Shelly Hamilton -- Only By The Grace (Vocal CD)

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