Saturday, August 20, 2011

I'm just a beautiful mess!

      (“Better Than An Hallelujah”

I try really hard  but fail really big.

I want to please God  but I’m selfish.

Integrity and honesty are the values I hold most dear but  the person I am
is not the person I was meant to be.

I pray but some might call me hypocritical.

My greatest wish is never to give bad example as a follower of Christ
but I do the very things that I hate.

You might call me a mess, but to my God, I am a ‘beautiful mess’. He died for this beautiful mess that I am. Jesus looks at me like a mom who has just received a scribbled drawing from her child. A stranger might say, “what in the world is that?” But the mom believes it is beautiful and proudly puts the drawing on the fridge with a smile. Only God sees my heart. He knows my sins and , with a smile, loves me deeply despite them.

I love you God! I’ll try harder to make my life a better drawing for your fridge.

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