Saturday, December 15, 2007

On Being the Manger

A manger must be ready and willing to receive and to accept. It gets no choice as to what is being placed in it. I need to let go of self will, plans and opinions if I want to be empty. A filled manger is not helpful and gets by-passed. True, it’s hard to wait in emptiness for Jesus to come. The paradox is that a filled manger may be useless but when I’m empty I feel useless. I have to be comfortable or at least peaceful being empty of myself. If I fill my manger with things or people that don’t belong there I’ll still be empty…wanting. So I can’t get past it. In emptiness is my fulfillment.

When I give up my things and opinions my wants and plans I have to stay soft. Can’t get crusty! I’ll need to smile, to welcome, and to forgive others. My eyes still need to tear and my heart needs to melt at the sight of others’ pain. Forgetting myself cannot make me cold. I have to practice tenderness in dealing with others – seeing each one as God’s special child and welcoming them into my day. I need to figuratively stop looking in mirrors. It’s all about meekness, 1Cor 13-ness and simplicity.

How much do I want Jesus to stay in my manger?

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