Monday, July 09, 2007

Eucharist and Transformation

St Augustine said: "Those who receive the Eucharist properly become what they receive, Christ Himself." The two disciples at Emmaus were changed when they recognized Christ at the breaking of the bread. In the Eucharist the Lord becomes the food we need to continue our search for truth and justice."Go, the Mass is ended" means we are being sent on a mission. We are being charged to commit to witness God's love thru our words and actions. "Eucharist that does not transform into the concrete practice of love is intrinsically fragmented." (Pope Benedict XVI :Deus Caritas Est) This food of truth leads us to promote justice, reconciliation and peace. It empowers us to work for the dignity of all. It renews our strength to work tirelessly in building up a civilization of love. (Cardinal Justin Rigali 4.11.07 homily)If, in fact, we each became transformed into promoters of justice, reconciliation and peace rather than promoters of our own personal agenda however noble that might be, there's a good chance this crazy world could be transformed too.

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